Our theme this summer

Turning the World Upside Down
(After He Turns My World Right-Side Up)

This summer we embark on a transformative journey inspired by Acts 17, exploring the intersection of our faith and today’s culture through the lens of Paul’s mission.

Current culture grapples with a myriad of beliefs and values reminiscent of those in Paul’s time. We likewise find ourselves in contact with many who are trying to find the essence of life without realizing they are actually seeking for a genuine relationship with the true God (verse 27) which only Christ can offer.

Central to our journey is the transformative power of the Gospel—a force so potent it can turn the world upside down (verse 6). But before we can embark on this outward mission, we must first allow the Lord to set our own worlds right-side up. After receiving Christ as Lord, we must learn from Him to live counter to the tide of this world and the pitfalls Satan will use to entrap us. Only then can we expect to have the effective engagement with those in the world reminiscent of Paul’s encounters in this chapter.

We can learn from Paul’s strategic approach to sharing the Gospel. Early in the chapter we see him reasoning with logic and understanding from the Scriptures emphasizing the centrality of Christ’s death and resurrection to the Gospel. Later we see him adeptly navigate through diverse worldviews, even quoting their philosophers to make Christ known as the “Unknown God.” This act of bold proclamation stands as a testament to the power of communicating our faith in a way that speaks directly to the heart of our contemporary society without compromising the message of the Gospel.

But the impact of our actions resonates as powerfully as the words we speak. Scripture instructs us to approach others with gentleness and respect as we give the reasons for our hope and faith (1 Peter 3:15). Furthermore, the love we extend to one another—and even to our enemies—serves as a defining characteristic of Christ’s followers (Matt. 5:44, John 13:35). This radical display of love may contrast sharply with the norms of our current culture, appearing upside down to societal expectations. Yet, it is precisely this genuine, selfless love that people deeply yearn for and can reach them for Christ.


2024 Programs



June 9-15 - Intermediate Week (Boys and Girls grades 8-10)
Director: Craig Shakarji - (301) 509-2180 cmshakarji@yahoo.com

June 23-29 - Senior High Week (Boys and Girls grades 11 - College)
Director: Ben Stiles - (803) 720-6103 officerstiles@yahoo.com

July 7-13 - Pre-High Week (Boys and Girls grades 5-7)
Director: Fred Forester - (828) 458-6505 fred4ester@gmail.com