Our theme this summer

Escape From Laodicea (Becoming Red-Hot in a Lukewarm Age)


The Bible leaves us no doubt as to what will characterize the days just prior to the return of Christ for His bride, the Church. Note in particular Revelation 3:14-22. The Lord Jesus there describes Christendom in its last days as 'neither hot or cold" but nauseatingly "lukewarm." We further find in 2 Timothy 3:1-7 a graphic picture of the "last days." Sadly, the Church today has taken on many of these distinctives. We cannot deny that many, even in evangelical churches, like the broader culture, are also "covetous" (love money) and "love pleasure more than God." We might add "unthankful” and "proud" to the list. This being so, we do well to "repent" and flee these revolting behavioral traits so that we might become "red-hot" in this lukewarm age.

This summer we will address nine characteristics largely missing from the Church that are required to become truly set on fire for the Lord Jesus. Warning! This means going against the grain of much of modern evangelicalism, but, in the end will result in hearing "Well done, Thou good and faithful servant!"

The following are what we see largely missing in the Church today. This list presents the outline of our teaching this summer.

  • The fear of the Lord
  • Consuming love for God
  • Hatred for sin
  • Love of the Scriptures
  • The Lordship of Christ
  • Passion for souls
  • Love for the brethren
  • Effectual fervent prayer
  • Godliness with contentment

It is our firm conviction that when Christians become characterized by the above distinguishing features, they will "escape Laodicea" and ignite with a burning passion, bringing pleasure to the Lord Jesus Christ. We will be praying to this end for all whom the Lord sends our way this summer.


2023 Dates



June 11-17 - Intermediate Week (Boys and Girls grades 8-10)

June 18-24 - Pre-High Week (Boys and Girls grades 5-7)

July 9-15 - Senior High Week (Boys and Girls grades 11 - College)